The Great Reno Balloon Race

The Great Reno Balloon Race (GRBR) is the world’s largest free hot-air balloon event. From event planning to social media management to administrative duties, seeing this community event come to life is ever-so humbling and gratifying. For more information, visit or follow GRBR on social media – @renoballoon.


STEP2 is a substance abuse treatment facility that provides comprehensive coordinated services to women and mothers in Reno, NV. Their focus is to break the cycle of addiction among families. For more information, visit or follow STEP2 on social media – @step2reno.

About Town Deb

About Town Deb is a social media influencer who provides concierge services for regional wine, food, and travel experiences in Northern California and Nevada. For more information on About Town Deb, visit or follow her on social media – @abouttowndeb.

Change Media Co.

Change Media Co. is the virtual social media marketing team that helps real estate professionals grow their business with ready-to-post social media content through an affordable monthly membership. From social media campaigns to blog content, they understand the importance of building relationships and getting your name out there to generate leads. For more information on Change Media Co., visit or follow Change Media Co. on social media – @changemediaco.

Molly Ho Studio

Molly Ho Studio helps businesses and entrepreneurs with their graphic design, content marketing, branding, and social media strategy. For more information on Molly Ho Studio, visit or follow her on social media – @mollyhostudio.

Dr. Candrice Heath

Dr. Candrice R. Heath is a highly respected triple board-certified dermatologist and nationally recognized author, speaker and expert in dermatology for children and adults.  As an expert in skin of color, equipping the medical professional community with the tools they need to deliver culturally mpetent care to patients of color with hair, skin and nail issues is part of her mission. For more information on Dr. Candrice Heath, visit or follow her on social media – @drcandriceheath.

G8 Strategies

Thrive Wellness

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