How to increase social media engagement

Social media engagement is more than growing your followers. It’s showing how many people are paying attention to your brand and how well your content is resonating with your audience. 

So, what can you do to increase social media engagement?

#1 Show your human side.

People crave human connection and want to know they are more than just a number to a business. Social media is the perfect digital place where you can connect with your audience. 

Humanizing your brand will not only help increase awareness with your brand but it encourages more interaction with your content.

There are plenty of ways to show off a brand’s human side when it comes to building relationships on social media. 

  • Highlight your staff: Give your followers the opportunity to see who is part of your family. 
  • Engage in conversations: Respond to comments and messages. Ask a question back towards your customer so they see you are interested in what brings them to your brand.
  • Share a story: Sharing a personal story can add a personal touch. Your audience can relate to your content rather than feel as if you are just trying to sell to them.

#2 Share user-generated content (UGC).

Sharing user-generated content makes your audience feel as if they are part of your brand. It is a way to connect with your audience in a more authentic way. 

Rather than just showing your audience what you want them to see, you are showcasing real life content from real life people. This leads to building trust with your audience.

Plus, people LOVE when they get to see their photos reposted. They typically end up commenting on it and even sharing it with their followers – which leads to increased engagement and potentially new followers.

What is UGC and How Do You Find It?

User-generated content, or UGC, is any content created by people rather than brands. It is what brands often repost on their own social media accounts or website.

Check out your tagged photos and your geotag locations! You can also check out your branded hashtags to see if followers have used your hashtag(s). 

Another way is to ask your audience for photos – whether it be in the comments, messages, emails or even a campaign, people love to share their own photos.

#3 Always have a call to action.

Having a call to action encourages conversation. It is a way for you to tell your audience to engage with you further than just liking a photo or video. 

It gives you a chance to show that you’re more than a brand and gives you the opportunity to connect with your followers at a deeper level.

For example, if I was a coffee shop, my call to actions could range from:

  • Comment below with your favorite fall drink.
  • Tag a friend that would love our new espresso.
  • Post a photo of your drink and #CoffeeShopName

#4 Use relevant hashtags.

Hashtags help categorize similar content and can get your content in front of a new audience which translates to more awareness about your brand, more engagement and more followers.

Hashtags help social media users (and brands!) see specific content they want to follow. 

#5 Be consistent.

If you want your audience to recognize your brand on social media and continue growing, it’s important to remain consistent. 

From the number of times you post, to your brand voice to your content, you want people to continue seeing your message and/or product/services.

It is important to focus on quality over quantity. So if you post 2x a week, ensure you are doing that EVERY week. If you are posting 5x a week, ensure you are doing that EVERY week.

Bonus Tip: Host social media contests.

People love entering contests, especially if it is for a free product or services. 

Social media contests give you the opportunity to amplify your brand while also targeting prospective customers and engaging with your current followers. Social media contests can range from asking people to submit a photo, to submit their favorite memory or even just tagging their friends in the comments. 

Partner With Other Businesses

Consider collaborating with other businesses on social media contests. It is a great way to direct traffic from each other’s social media audiences to get new followers. It not only supports other businesses, but it also creates more exposure. Plus, people love winning things from multiple businesses.

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